Sunday, 1 March 2009

do you hear a pitter patter?

a few of my friends are expecting babies in the not-too-distant future, so i’ve started thinking about handmade gifts for newborns. then, a couple of days ago, a little man who seemed to be a newborn last time i looked turned one! i made these booties for him a year ago…

…and that reminded be about what a great pattern they were made from! heather bailey’s ‘bitty booties’ pattern is easy-as-pie to follow, and is free to download from her blog. better yet, she has a flickr group full of photos of all the different ways that people have made these booties up - it’s full of inspiring ideas!
i have a feeling i’ll be making a few pairs of these in the next little while. i’m thinking i’ll steer clear of pink and blue, and go for bright purple, yellow, green, and maybe even orange.